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Guido Berta is the son of vine-growers. After a short time working in a wine cellar during the 1990’s, Guido, at a very young age,

decided to start up his own business managing the family vineyards and opening his own wine cellar. Thanks to the collaboration of his parents he has created a product which reflects his very own tenacity, passion and energy. Everything starts with the utmost respect to territory, nature, biodiversity, environment and ecosystem, and then continues with the constant and continuous search for the highest possible quality. Starting from the strictly selected fruit, the subsequent production steps focus precisely on the exaltation of the same fruit, enhancing all the most characteristic nuances and the most peculiar features.

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The Wine Cellar

The historic subterranean cellar that houses the aging barrels, a place of meditation for Guido and his visitors, reflects the soul of the producer. This is a sacred and austere place where the classic Piedmontese red bricks create a magical atmosphere together with the small oak barrels where great red wines such as Canto di Luna rest and transform themselves.


The Vineyards

The vineyards are mostly located around the farmhouse at San Marzano Oliveto in the Saline Region, on clayey limestone land, apart from a couple of vineyards situated in the communes of Agliano Terme and Nizza Monferrato. The lion’s share of the production is Barbera, comprising of six hectares with installations dating back to 1960 and 1988, followed by Chardonnay and Moscato.

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The Wine

The wines of Cascina Guido Berta reflect the true tradition of the Monferrato: the target is to keep intact the typical characteristics of the grape of origin. Excellent bunches arrive in the cellar, to be processed exclusively following the strictest rules, wines are born which for years have been synonymous with one of the most authentic expressions of Piedmont.

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